Why choose JBW? Our partners have chosen us because of our investment in people, systems and methods that are proven to drive the highest collection rates.

In fact, JBW achieves higher collection rates for over 90% of the clients where we share collection responsibility with one of our competitors. We consistently collect above our clients’ target, and are gaining an increasing number of ‘sole provider’ contracts on the basis of our high collection rates and outstanding customer service.


Intelligent engagement.
Smart enforcement.

Our systems-led methodology helps us to recover more revenue through intelligent engagements that accurately identify individual circumstances and support vulnerable citizens.

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Our approach is supported by the UK’s most advanced case management platform – Hito Edge – which helps us to deliver higher collections with lighter impact using intelligence-led decisions and actions.

Winner of a national business award the system includes many features: automatic dynamic allocation and routing, GPS verification, instant messaging and an emergency alert system. Presenting a co-ordinated, single view of the customer, our integrated mobile technology means that an accurate audio and text record of our enforcement visit is automatically uploaded and integrated into every customer record.

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JBW's large network of certificated enforcement agents and broad range of technical and client support staff provide effective in-area and out-of-area services.

To ensure the highest standards of professionalism and compliance are maintained, all JBW agents have completed our City & Guilds/HABC accredited Level 3 qualification and passed extended security vetting to UK Government’s Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS).


JBW operates a City & Guilds accredited training programme, which is completed by all of its agents to ensure the professional standard of any engagement with customers is maintained at the highest level.

Agent support and a progressive, customer-focused culture have led JBW to become a two-time winner of the prestigious “Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For” award, with our business being specially commended by judges for its commitment to training and development.


JBW uses real-time data links with industry leading data providers such as Callcredit, Experian, Data Discoveries and Companies House to regularly refresh the information we hold on customers.

Unlike many providers, our tracing and data processes are built into every stage, so we don’t just rely on the information we gather at case receipt. Our continuous approach means effective action commences quickly, Right-Party Contact is increased and recoveries are more successful by being better informed throughout the lifecycle of customer engagement.


JBW operates a proactive audit and compliance strategy. This includes comprehensive call and visit audits within 24 hours of customer engagement by our dedicated audit team to identify potential issues, training requirements and compliance weakness. Combined with on-street audit programmes and full case audits we tackle and address governance issues before a problem or complaint arises to ensure the professional standard of all customer engagement is maintained to the highest standards.

We are also subject to an external Good Governance audit each year, and our ISO9001 accredited quality management process ensures that professionalism, ethics and transparency are embedded in all our operations. We have also established an Independent Advisory Group to ensure we continue to uphold and drive best practice in the industry. Our investment in governance, performance, training and development are the reasons why we received just 0.04% complaints during 2016 (based on complaints received versus cases enforced).


Our customer-focused approach to intelligent collections and enforcement means JBW can recover more revenue using less enforcement activity and fewer enforcement agents than other providers.

We collect up to 74% of cases at either first letter or first visit stage. The dynamic allocation and scheduling, workflow management and real-time performance monitoring capabilities of our technology platform has led to improvements in the level of collections by 10% in the last year.


JBW has developed market leading reporting tools which allow close management of performance across the business.

Batch Reporting monitors over 50 KPIs on every batch which ensures we can constantly improve the efficiency of our batch level collections strategy. Our agents’ day-to-day activities are continuously measured against 33 KPIs and compliance measures to assess strengths and weaknesses, which is used to target active training.


Our huge investment in technology continues to drive innovation for the next generation of collections and enforcement.

As a result, JBW now has the UK’s leading case management platform supporting increasingly intelligent processes and decisions built around individual customers using the latest data analysis and behavioural insights techniques. This already means that, of the cases collected, 74% are either first letter or first visit stage, and in the last year, enhancements in dynamic allocation and scheduling, workflow management and the real-time performance monitoring capabilities of our technology have led to improvements in the level of collections by a further 10%.


JBW was the first company in the UK enforcement industry to develop a mobile Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) service, and we remain the largest provider of ANPR for the enforcement of PCNs and tracking of criminals with the Police. Our integrated ‘Smart-ANPR’ technology interfaces with our case management platform to ensure that our vehicles are covering target areas in the most efficient way.

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