JBW’s unique systems-led approach to collections and enforcement is supported by the UK’s most advanced case management platform – Hito Edge.

The system is helping JBW achieve exceptional results for its clients. It has also been recognised by the Chartered Institute for IT and was a three-time finalist at the 2017 Credit Awards for Best Credit & Collections Technology, as well as in the Data & Analytics Expertise and Gamechanger categories.

How it works

Higher collections with lighter impact using intelligence-led decisions and actions.

Historically, debt management systems have always been built around cases - the instructions for the payment of debts sent to a company for collection. Whilst this approach enabled companies to pursue each case to resolution, it could lead to a blinkered approach where repeat customers were missed by the system, or where unnecessary multiple letters, calls and/or visits were made to the same individual for various cases.

Hito Edge takes a customer-centric view of all cases and their associated data. By focusing on the individual, the platform enables the linking of cases relating to the same customer. This ensures a more efficient process for making calls and visits, and provides users with a clearer view of the relationships between cases and customers – as well as specific data relating to individuals.

Key Features Include

  • Customer-centric workflows
  • Propensity-driven actions
  • Dynamic agent allocation
  • Automated payments & fee calculations
  • Field agent app & safety features
  • GPS tracking & monitoring
  • Seamless integration
  • Online portal suite (for clients, customers and debt advice)
  • Secure infrastructure & protected data

Propensity-Driven Actions

These are just some of the factors analysed and applied by Edge:

Best time to contact

Preferred communications channels

Smart workflows adjusted to individual circumstances based on behavioural insights with applied nudge techniques

Score-driven incentives based on age, collectability and other measures

Dynamic Agent Allocation

Automatic Schedules

Edge automatically builds a daily schedule for each agent built around appointments or pre-allocation.

Dynamic Allocation

Edge detects nearest agent to job and allocates, sending cases to agents in real-time throughout the day.

Work Requests

Agents can request more work in a specific postcode or within a radius of their current location.

Automated Payments

Edge manages all aspects of payments, fees, commissions, remittance and invoicing.


Connects automatically to your card merchant and direct debit provider.


Handles payments, clearance, automatic reconciliation and remittance.


Raises all invoices automatically at time of remittance.

Field Agent App

Connected Environment

Next Gen OS

Edge is the next generation operating system for intelligent collections which automates the majority of business decisions and allows users to concentrate on engaging with complex, harder to resolve cases which require direct interaction.

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