Intelligent Engagement

Organising data, decisions and service around the individual.

Our systems-led collections and enforcement methodology helps us to recover more revenue through intelligent engagements that accurately identify individual circumstances, support vulnerable citizens and deliver a more personalised service adjusted to today’s generational preferences.


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IC3 is not just about clever technology. It’s about how we use it and adapt it to our clients’ needs. Once configured, our entire agent network and customer engagement capabilities follow the regulations and your precise service requirements, mapped onto every individual we contact on your behalf.


Our advanced case management platform – Hito Edge – enables us to deliver higher collections with lighter impact using intelligence-led decisions and actions.

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Real-time data links with leading data providers means effective recovery begins immediately and tracing information is checked at every stage, not as a last resort.


Created with University College London, our enhanced propensity models analyse over 40 behavioural and demographic criteria to provide the most intelligent and accurate assessments of the factors influencing debt collectability, presented with purpose-built data visualisation tools.


In partnership with the Behavioural Insights Team we are extending their pioneering analysis of the impact of wording, highlighting, format, simplification and timing of communications. This includes using ‘nudge’ techniques to influence customer behaviour.


Intelligent features and procedures such as automatic case allocation and routing for agents, GPS verification, instant messaging and an emergency alert system, as well as automatic rotation between local agents working in the area.


Intelligent mobile apps and real-time case updates, JBW agents are able to sensitively manage how they engage every customer, making it possible to produce individual decision-making at scale.


JBW has developed market leading reporting tools which allow close management of performance across the business. Batch reporting monitors over 50 KPIs on every batch and all agents’ strengths and weaknesses are continuously measured against 33 KPIs and compliance measures to target active training.


Every element of IC3 is integrated so that we can carefully customise each engagement and match our clients’ precise requirements – an approach that is proven to produce better results.

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