Social Value

The success of our business depends on maintaining our reputation as a responsible and trusted provider of services for our clients, customers, employees and the communities in which we operate. For this reason, we take corporate social responsibility extremely seriously and apply three core principles that are designed to promote social value across the entire organisation.

  1. Accountable: policies and practices must deliver measurable benefits balanced across all stakeholders
  2. Transparent: clear procedures, open standards and independent scrutiny
  3. Ethical: balanced, responsive, intelligence-led practices to deliver positive outcomes for clients and customers

These principles are embedded across JBW’s end-to-end business model to ensure business strategy, innovation initiatives and operational practices reflect our responsibilities to all stakeholders, delivering tangible benefits to clients, individuals, the environment and the industry.

Commitment to these responsibilities is demonstrated in real terms every day.

In the Workplace

Staff are provided with the tools, support and guidance to enable them to perform their duties professionally and responsibly. Comprehensive training programmes combined with our intelligence-led procedures ensure that staff have both the information, skills and responsibility to deliver services that are ethical and professional.

Leadership, clear standards, mentoring programmes, audit policies, and training and development frameworks provide staff with the foundations to progress their careers whilst allowing flexible working and a range of social and healthcare initiatives designed to promote a positive work life balance.

In the Community

As a national supplier JBW is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. The primary steps we employ to achieve this are:

  • Local employment: we recruit locally, provide professional training and career progression, use local suppliers in our supply chain wherever possible and always meet or exceed the region’s living wage
  • Collaborative working: we work closely with the advice sector on a national and local level. Our ‘work together’ policy incorporates attendance at, and contribution to, national forums, six-monthly strategic meetings and quarterly operational meetings to streamline processes, develop understanding and build trust. We have working protocols in place across the sector and are members of a number of local forums to address emerging local issues
  • Community Support: in addition to financial contributions we provide volunteer resource via the JBW Volunteer Scheme to support national and local charities and community groups

In the Marketplace

Our objective is to promote professional, ethical practices across the debt recovery and enforcement industry. As one of the UK’s leading enforcement organisations we see our actions, contribution to industry reform and all our service development initiatives as key to making a positive and lasting impact on the delivery of balanced, ethical debt recovery services in a challenging economic and socially diverse environment.

Our experienced leadership team, robust governance framework and scrutiny by our Independent Advisory Group is underpinned by innovative technology allowing us to drive industry reform from a solid platform of practical experience and extensive industry-wide understanding.

For the Environment

Since achieving ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management in 2006, JBW has year-on-year used innovation to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. Our technology platform has almost completely removed paper from our field and office operations, automated routing and the use of public transport in urban areas has minimised road usage and the introduction of zero emission electric vehicles has significantly reduced our environmental impact.

Challenging targets for improvements in carbon footprint reduction and recycling are set annually and environmental impact is one of the primary assessment criteria for proposed process and service improvement initiatives.

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